Immune Booster (300ml x 6)


Having cold and flu but yet to recover? Our Immune Booster is designed for those wants to fight off the cold and flu effectively. The program contains 6 bottles of Orange Sunrise which is made by tomato, carrot, apple and orange, a winning combination for helping your body protect itself and fight off infections. With its richness of vitamin C, the program provides sufficient nutrients for you to start your day with a refreshing boost to your body’s natural defenses and then naturally helps you to recover from the sickness.


(Orange Sunrise): Tomato, Orange, Green Apple & Carrot.


>Consume a bottle half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 days.


>The drink provides sufficient natural vitamins and mineral to boost body defenses and is not a medicine. You must consult physician if symptom persists / worsen.



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What’s in the package:

  • Orange Sunrise (300ml) x 6


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