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What should I do with my empty La Jugos bottle?

Returning or reusing the bottles is a great way to be kind to our environment. Therefore, we encourage our customers to bring it back to us and we can give you RM0.30 off your next purchase.

How it works

  1. Once you have accumulated at least 15 empty La Jugos bottles, you can contact La Jugos to arrange bottle return pickup.
  2. To arrange the pickup, please email to us at with the following info:
    • Your name and contact number
    • number of bottle to be collected
    • pickup address
    • convenient time for pickup (limited between 9am- 5pm, from Monday to Friday)
  3. We will communicate with you to confirm the pickup arrangement.
  4. Please put the bottles in the bag and wait for our despatch to collect from your place.
  5. If the bottles received are in good condition, we will email La Jugos cash voucher which can be used for your next purchase

Terms and conditions

  • Must return La Jugos’s empty glass bottle together with its cap
  • Broken La Jugos bottles are not acceptable
  • The collection coverage is same as La Jugos delivery coverage
  • Each bottle returned and accepted by La Jugos will entitle RM0.30 off for next purchase (in voucher code form)
  • La Jugos reserves the right to reject any bottles that do not meet the requirements