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Antioxidant Soup
All the ingredients used in Yellow Moon are rich in Vitamin C and definitely is a good antioxidant drink for your daily consumption. Honeydew melon used also rich in potassium, ...
Appetite Suppressant
Green Lady is being used as natural appetite suppressant to aid in weigh loss. This juice set is containing 6 bottles of Green Lady which is definitely can assist you ...
This is the best drink set (6 bottles of Detox Boss) helping you to clean your body. Loaded with the goodness of carefully selected fruits and vegetables, Detox Boss detoxifies and ...
Great Runner
This set is containing 6 bottles of Wild Cat, a wild juice to increase plasma nitrate levels and boost your physical performance for the whole day. Tomato provides the perfect ...
Immune Booster
Having cold and flu but yet to recover? Our Immune Booster is designed for those wants to fight off the cold and flu effectively. The program contains 6 bottles of Orange ...
La Jugos Family Pack
This healthy package consists of: Pretty Rabbit x 1 Orange Sunrise x 1 Yellow Moon x 1 Wild Cat x 1 Green Lady x 1 Detox Boss x 1
Looking Youthful
This set is containing 6 bottles of Pretty Rabbit which which is rich in antioxidants that promotes anti-wrinkling and anti-aging activity. With Pretty Rabbit, you can make your mind razor-sharp ...
Perfect Gift for Loved One
This set consists of: Pretty Rabbit 300ml x 2 Orange Sunrise 300ml x 2 Yellow Moon 300ml x 2